Experimenting with Ml5.js

Ever since I completed the Machine Learning Literacy workshop back in February (at the School for Poetic Computation), I've been wanting to put together a project using Machine Learning. I finally finished something I call Land of LumpsLand of Lumps is an experimental comic strip that utilizes the word vector abilities of the machine learning library ml5.js (along with p5.js) to generate dialog for a second character based on the user’s input for the first. The output is pretty wacky...which I love. 

If you're like me and had never heard of word vectors before, here's a short explanation.

Land of Lumps is live!!! You should try it: http://extrasleepy.github.io/lumps/ 
A couple tips:
- Short phrases work better
- Avoid contractions

If you make anything you want to share, send it to me! Here are a few examples: